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Koshki vsex stran, myaukajte!
Kitties of all nations, meow!

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The original Begemot appeared in Mikhail Bulgakov's humorous modern classic The Master and Margarita. MM was prudently hidden in the 1930s, but gradually released following Stalin's death. Various web-sites discuss it, and perhaps even carry the text.

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The following recommended optional background music selections have been put in (quick-loading) MIDI format by Comrade P.K. Volkov of VOkSovProlKompMuz.:
Play L. Revutskii's "Song about Stalin."
Play A. V. Aleksandrov's "Living Has Gotten Better."
Check music index for these and other selections, with words and musical scores.

Mission statement

Due to events too painful even to think about, the earthly USSR no longer exists. Nevertheless, wherever progressive people meet, there will remain the USSR of our fond aspirations, a realm where no kulak goes un-liquidated, no five-year-plan goes un-overfulfilled, and no Great Leader and Teacher goes un-venerated. This land of our dreams exists on the Internet, the Cyber-USSR (po-russki: Kiberneticheskii Soyuz S.S.R.)

We are looking for Soviet kitsch and oddities, especially from the Stalin era.

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1936-1938: The Golden Age of Applied Socialism!

"Utro Nashej Rodiny" ("The Morning of Our Motherland," 1948), by F.S. Shurpin.
A radiant Great Leader and Teacher stands in the foreground of a prosperous collective farm and countryside. Some info on the artist and a larger copy of the painting are available at this site:

The Peace Policy of the Soviet Union (1939-1941) [2009/0805]

Later Years (1941-1953) [990812]

N.I. Yezhov's Home Page
By unanimous demand of progressive trade unions, peasant collectives, and soldier's councils, N.I. Yezhov (1895-1940), police chief at the height of Stalin's Great Purge (1936-38), has been adopted as patron of the Cyber-NKVD.
The Great Leader and Teacher, I.V. Stalin [5 minutes of stormy applause] Pavlik Morozov (ca 1918-1932):
Songs and films


    Karl Marx

      Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848, when revolutions (mostly non-Communist) were breaking out across the European continent. You can read it in several foreign languages, including Marx's original German.

      The Manifesto's ironical first sentence, "A spectre is haunting Europe-- the spectre of Communism," is recognized by many who know little of Marx. Its last sentence, "Workers of all nations, unite!" has been adopted as a motto by Communist parties around the world, translated into numerous languages, and frequently parodied.

    A glossary of ideologically-correct insults for enemies of the people.

    Sovlit's summary of socialist literature, and links
    "Works of Soviet Literature summarized for those unable or too lazy to read them in the original."
    Postscript 2011/1229Th: seems to have disappeared.

    A home page of Dzhambul, poet-laureate of socialist Kazakhstan.


    A wholesome reader for 7th-Graders, approved by the Ministry of Education of the RSFSR (1950) (Far preferable to McGuffey's and other reactionary muck).

    Catalogue of Moscow University, 1977-1978

      The core curriculum: a proper grounding in socialism for all students

      Courses on atheism (transcription unfinished)


Russian antiquities:

Archives of the Cyber-USSR (not available yet)

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