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The words and score were discovered in
I. Gorinstein (editor), "Pionerskij Pesennik," Izdatel'stvo CK VLKSM Molodaya Gvardiya, Moskva, 1938; str. 303-304.

This Georgian folk song was widely reputed to be a personal favorite of the Great Leader and Teacher.

Translations into some other languages have been posted on other websites, though I did not see an original text in the Georgian language.

Ob"yasnenie latinskoj azbuki vospolzuemoj zdes'
Explanation of Russian transcription used here

Suliko Suliko
Slova Akakiya Cereteli (1840-1915) Words by Akaki Tsereteli (1840-1915)
Perevod T. Sikorskoj translated from Georgian to Russian by T. Sikorskaya
1. 1.
Ya mogilu miloj iskal, I looked for the grave of my beloved
Serdce mne tomila toska. Grief tormented my heart.
(dvazhdy povtoryaetsya): (repeated twice):
    Serdcu bez lyubvi nelegko.
    It is not easy for the heart without love.
    Gde ty? Otzovis', Suliko.
    Where are you? Answer, Suliko.
2. 2.
Uvidal ya rozu v lesu, I saw a rose in the forest,
CHto lila, kak slezy, rosu. That dripped dew, like tears.
(2 x): (2 x):
    Ty l' tak rascvela daleko,
    Did you blossom like that, far away,
    Milaya moya Suliko?
    My dear Suliko?
3. 3.
Nad lyubimoj rozoj svoej On its beloved rose
Pryatalsya v vetvyax solovej. Hid in the branches a nightingale.
(2 x): (2 x):
    YA sprocil, vzdoxnuv gluboko,
    I asked, sighing deeply,
    Ty li zdes', moya Suliko?
    Are you there, my Suliko?
4. 4.
Klyuvom k lepestkam on pril'nul, It pressed to the petals with its beak,
I, lesov budya tishinu, And, breaking the silence of the forest,
(2 x): (2 x):
    Zazvenela trel' solov'ya,
    The nightingale's trill rang forth,
    Budto on skazal, ĞE^to yağ.
    As if to say, "It's me."

Comrade Tim Bender [nasrouddine@hotmail.com] of the Tallahassee A.O. called our attention to a global MIDI song collection with a large Russian and Soviet archive at

It includes two renditions of "Suliko."

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