F. S. Shurpin, "The Morning of Our Motherland"

Copyright © 1998 by Hugo S. Cunningham

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From Matthew Cullerne Bown, Art Under Stalin, Holmes & Meyer, New York, 1991; p. 248:

Note: Fascinated with and notably sympathetic to Soviet art, Mr. Bown recently completed a much larger book, "Socialist Realist Painting," Yale University Press, New Haven CT, 1998; cloth, 506 pp., $75.

Optional background music, for appropriately worshipful mood:

This copy was scanned from "Ogonyok," 1952 #46 (7 Nov), pp. 16-17. Technicians from BevGorRaiKom removed the unwanted crease from the two-page spread.
There have been other versions, with noticeable differences in appearance.

A radiant Great Leader and Teacher stands before a prosperous collective farm and countryside.

Matthew Cullerne Bown writes,

Hokkaido University's "Slavic Research Center" maintains an extensive Internet catalog of Russian art at

Prof John D. Windhausen of Saint Anselm College, Manchester NH maintains maintains a data base of Soviet artists active between 1932 and 1953 at

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