Aleksei Grigor'evich Stakhanov

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This photo appeared in "Ogonyok," 1936, Issue #24 (30 Aug 1936).

Some heroes in other societies

Lei Feng (1940-1962), a "Good Samaritan" in the People's Republic of China: On 2003/0426, we found a web page at URL:

"Comrade Ogilvy," a military hero, was invented by "Winston Smith" in George Orwell's 1984 (Chapter 1). As of 26 Apr 2003, we found the relevant part of 1984 posted at this URL:

Read about Stalin's campaign to impose "labor discipline"

The capitalists at the Adminet jobs site have shown interest in the achievements of Aleksei Grigor'evich. Perhaps that indicates they would intend to offer their workers the protection of socialist labor law, but perhaps it is just a provocation.

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