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Courses on atheism

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Source: Moskovskij Universitet, 1977-78 Uchebnyj Process: Katalog-Spravochnik: Gumanitarnye Fakul'tety, Izdatel'stvo Moskovskogo Universiteta, 1977.
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MELYUXIN Serafim Timofeevich,


[Note: Specialty number (beginning with 20) does *not* match course numbers, beginning with 30-32.]

Specialization -- historical materialism


3088. Marxist atheism on the specifics (? -- specifike) of the religious world-view
Semester: 1 [taught in first semester]
30--0--0--0 [30 hours lecture-- 0 hours laboratory -- 0 hours practical work -- 0 hours seminars]
content change Course changed in content from last year
A [for graduate students ("aspiranty")]
3089. Marxist atheism as a science

3090. Current questions on Marxist study of religion.

3091. The role of scientific knowledge in the struggle of the scientific and religious world view.

3092. Critique of current Eastern Orthodoxy.

3093. Protestant philosophy and theology.

3094. Methodological problems of the theory of atheism.

3095. Scientific foundations of research into religiosity and the effectiveness of atheist upbringing.

3096. Critique of Eastern Orthodox philosophy.

3097. Sociology of religion and atheism.

3098. Critique of current bourgeois sociology about religion.

3099. Peculiarities of current religious consciousness and practice of atheist upbringing.

3100. Current problems of the psychology of religion and atheism.

3101. Methodological problems of the history of atheism.

3102. Ideology and activity of unions of atheists and free-thinkers in capitalist countries.

3103. Method (? -- Metodika) of teaching scientific atheism in higher education.

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