The Next Oliver Stone Film?

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The Oliver Stone film "JFK" recycled long-discredited "evidence" to show a huge military-industrial conspiracy assassinating President John F. Kennedy. Because the bad guys got away with it, America suffered the traumas of Vietnam, Watergate, Reaganomics, Iran-Contra, etc, etc.

What would have happened if the good guys (the progressives) had won? As a companion piece to "JFK," Mr. Stone should do a film based on the 1 Dec 1934 assassination of Sergei M. Kirov, a leading member of Stalin's Politburo.

This photo of Sergei Kirov appeared in "Bolshevistskaya Pechat'", 1937, Issue #12 (Dec), p. 12.

[Historical note-- according to some reactionary accounts, Sergei Kirov was the focus of hope for Politburo members (eg Sergo Ordzhonikidze) discontented with Stalin's Collectivization (1929-33) and increasing brutality. The same obliging character that made Kirov trusted by others, however, also made him refuse to challenge Stalin. Therefore, instead of torturing and degrading Kirov, Stalin quietly arranged his death and gave him a hero's funeral. The "investigation" of Kirov's death (Dec 1934) was the opening act of Stalin's Great Purge, reaching its peak in 1937, which cost as much as 5 million lives.

Of course, all these reactionary accounts are outrageous fabrications.]

Note for printer only-- be careful to leave intact all capitalizations of pronouns and titles referring to I.V. Stalin. That is, after all, the custom with divinities.


A screenplay by Oliver Stonesky

Starring Kevin Kostnerov as N.I.Yezhov, NKVD investigator

(based on facts disclosed in trials of enemies of the Soviet people, 1936-38)

1. The Cathedral at Canterbury (England), 1942--

The Right Reverend Hewlett Johnston (a cameo appearance by Stonesky himself) makes an Alistair-Cooke-style introductory talk, holding his book, "The Soviet Power." This film will show how a diligent investigator, backed by sound progressive leadership, saved the Soviet people from catastrophe.

2. Adolf Hitler's conference room, Berlin (Germany), 1934--

Nazi military and economic officials confer with anti-Soviet traitors: Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Bukharin, Radek, Rykov, and others. Purpose-- destruction of Soviet power and betrayal of workers and peasants to capitalist slavery.

3. Scenes in the USSR, various brief shots--
4. Politburo conference room, the Kremlin, Moscow, 2 Dec 1934--

The Father, Leader, Friend, and Teacher of the Soviet People, I.V. Stalin (5 minutes of stormy applause) summons Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov (Kevin Kostnerov), a leading Chekist (NKVD man), to find all those responsible for the murder of His devoted follower and cherished friend.

5. Short scenes, Moscow--

6. Various scenes, Leningrad--

7. Various scenes in USSR--

8. Court room, Moscow--

Zinoviev and Kamenev confess their guilt to the Soviet people.

9. Reich Chancellery, Berlin--

Trotsky demands his payoff from the Nazis. They throw him out of the office and kick him down the front stairs-- he failed!

10. Moscow, overlooking the May Day parade--

Chekist N.I. Yezhov stands in a place of honor, while the marchers below shout their homage to the Greatest Genius of All Times and Peoples, I.V. Stalin! (5 minutes of fervent applause)

Words flash on screen--
4 years later, Hitlerite Germany treacherously attacked the Soviet Union. Thanks to the vigilance of N.I. Yezhov and thousands of other Chekists, there was no Fifth Column to abet the fascists' bloody deeds. Sergei M. Kirov did not die in vain!
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