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1st-freedom-1st-2008 "First Freedom First" runs political TV ad, Jan 2008. [2008/0229]
orthodox-thugs Moscow: Orthodox use Soviet methods to close anti-clerical art exhibit [20030903]
dr-laura-apostate Right-wing advice host Dr. Laura renounces orthodox Judaism [20030903]
Capalert Films reviewed for naughtiness by comically literal-minded Fundamentalists
Joint custody Should the divorce rate be cut by promoting "joint custody" of children
Joe Bob Joe-Bob Briggs asks for videos of nutty religious programming
LandoverBaptist A parody site: The "Landover Baptist Church"
rant-gills A ranting street preacher, James Gills, was cleared of "disturbing the peace."
sawney-bean reference to Sawney Bean, a famous Scottish cannibal
iran-tempmar Practical Holiness: "Temporary marriages" are quite legal in Shi'a Iran.
nt-b4-xmas Did a Fundy prig take false credit for "The Night Before Christmas"?
asst-suic-fed Religious Right endangers pain relief for terminal patients
randall-terry It couldn't happen to a nicer guy: anti-abortion militant Randall Terry shunned by own church.
left-behind "The New Republic" pans Fundie film-thriller "Left Behind."
4004bc "BC" cartoonist Jeffrey Hart irritates some with Fundie proselytizing. [y10414]

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KGB papers left behind in Estonia show that Patriarch Aleksii II of the Russian Orthodox Church, used to be their agent:
(link may choke old browsers)
article by Seamus Martin in the "Irish Times," 23 September 2000

The points had been made before, but NYT columnist Frank Rich wittily summarized the discomfiture of GOP holy-warriors in early 2009:
"The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off"
printed on March 15, 2009, Sunday

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