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Randall Terry shunned

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>From the "New York Times," Fri 20 Jul 2001, pp. A1, A20

[The full article is presumably available from the NYT archive at,
for a fee.]

Icon for Abortion Protesters is Looking for a Second Act

by Dan Barry
Windsor, NY, July 17--


Randall Terry, the charismatic, hyper-aggressive founder of 'Operation Rescue,' who personified the anti-abortion cause, is being ostracized by the very movement he helped create.


[His principal offense was to divorce his wife of 19 years to marry a former assistant 16 years his junior. He is age 42. Minor charges include drinking and smoking.]

[His former pastor, the Rev. Dan Little of the Landmark Church] said recently that he had tried to counsel the Terrys to salvage the marriage, to no avail. "I'll give the short version," he said. "A difficult marriage that he had no time for and didn't take time for. And rather than do the godly thing, he bailed out."

[Rev. Little issued a public letter of censure 3 months after Mr. Terry left his wife in 1999.]


[Mr. Terry countered that] he was being pressured to stay with his wife and change his ways by congregants who drank, smoked, and were on second marriages.

If a different standard was being applied to Mr. Terry, Mr. Little suggested that it was because he frequently used the church's affiliation to enhance his fund-raising efforts.

[end of excerpts from the "New York Times"]

Although presumably more forgiving of divorce, the new Randall Terry makes no apologies for the anti-abortion militancy of "Operation Rescue." His plans to re-enter the lucrative world of religious-Right fundraising apparently attracted this NYT article. It remains to be seen how many of the godly will give him a second chance.

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