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For the most insane, ultra-right-wing, fundy movie reviews, go to:

They rate movies by their own system, reporting on how many times certain "foul" words get uttered, including special attention to "the most foul of foul words". They count every act of violence, every sexual reference, every nude scene, and they describe these things so well that many of the movies I have seen actually sound more attractive to me by their descriptions! Their review of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me makes the movie sound far more titilating and pornographic than it actually was. They even had to block out the name of "Felicity -----" (Shagwell), as though "Shagwell" were actually a dirty word.

One saving grace -- they love the Star Wars films. They literally could not find many faults, if any with any of the Star Wars films, including Phantom Menace. They're so idiotic, however, as to review "R" rated movies, and make the point that young children should not see them. Well, DUH! Isn't that what the "R" rating is for?

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