TNR pans Fundie thriller film "Left Behind"

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Save It

by Michelle Cottle

Post date 02.16.01 | Issue date 02.26.01

"How do you describe both a beginning and an end?" muses telejournalist Buck Williams (a.k.a. Kirk "Growing Pains" Cameron) in the new evangelical thriller Left Behind, which made its nationwide theatrical debut on Groundhog Day. Sadly for Mr. Cameron's career, a beginning-to-end description of his latest project is all too easy: schlock. From Buck's hokey, pseudo-mystical opening query to the hokey, pseudo-mystical closing shot of glowing church windows, this 95-minute exploration of the disappearance of millions of people (it's the Rapture, stupid) is filmmaking at its tritest. Bad script, bad acting, monumentally bad sound track, bad movie."

[There is, of course, more on the web page, as well as a dissection of the Fundie mentality.]

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