Russian transcription used here

First posted 990217
latest minor change 20031014

Copyright 1999 by Hugo S. Cunningham

This Latin-alphabet transcription may be slightly different from the ones you are most accustomed to. It is intended to keep each Cyrillic character as distinctive as possible, while consistent with the most common on-line Cyrillic alphabet converters, eg at URL

Vowel sounds are similar to Spanish, unless otherwise marked.

Alternative Latin-alphabet transcriptions are shown in parentheses. Alternatives commonly given by on-line Cyrillic-Latin converters are marked with an asterisk *.

A more detailed explanation of pronunciation is available at
azbuka-e-xr.html (in Russian alphabetical order), or
azbuka-e-xe.html (in English alphabetical order).

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
a b v g d e
, yo
zh z
i j
(y, i)
k l m n o p
r s t u f x
(h *, kh)
(ts *)
sh shch
(sch *)
", '' y ' e^
(e *, eh)
yu ya

When letters "s" and "ch" appear together, they are separated by "-", to distinguish them from the letter "sch" ("shch").
Example: "s-chitat'" ("to count")
Various ways to store and read Cyrillic text on computers.

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