Anti-Abortion Hit List, sanitized

Posted 990211
Updated 2001/0710
Last updated: 2006/0208

Until 5 February 1999, a terrorist group maintained a hit list of abortion doctors at this website:

In late January, they were hit with a crushing $107 million punitive verdict by a jury in Portland OR. Such verdicts are often reduced or even reversed on appeal; nevertheless, "Christian Gallery"s ISP, Mindspring, took their site down on 5 Feb 1999. They are looking for a new ISP.

Anti-abortion extremists claim that the verdict threatens First Amendment liberties, because calling abortion doctors "murderers" is no worse than much other political rhetoric that is tolerated. The comparison is misleading, however: the issue here is "stalking": posting addresses and identifying info so that individuals and their families can be murdered by true-believers.

I have reposted three pages of the "Christian Gallery" site, so that viewers can judge for themselves. I have blanked out identifying information of intended victims, however: Numbers are replaced with "9" and letters with "x".

Home Page of "Christian Gallery"
Acceptable political rhetoric.

Master page of hit list.
Notice the chilling list of info solicited by the terrorists, eg about family members and friends. Their title "Nuremberg Files" is inadvertently appropriate; after all, the Nazis were also militant anti-abortionists, and the Gestapo showed comparable diligence in compiling personal information.
I deleted the names of a handful of doctors.

Sample Hit List page of an individual doctor. I have blanked out (Xs and 9s) all the identifying material from the original page.


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