Nuremberg File No. 72

Latest Update: January 1997 by 12A

Dr. Deathtoo

Name: Xxxxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxx
DOB: 99/99/99 SS# 999-99-9999 Sex/Race: M/W Ht: 6'1" Wt: 160 Eyes: Blu Hair: Whi
Current Residence: Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, 999 X. Xxxxx St.City/State: Xxxxxxxxx, XX Phone: UnkCurrent Employment: Abortionist at Planned Parenthood, 999 X. Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX and Planned Parenthood, 9999 X. Xxxxxxx St., Xxxxxxxx, XX


1) Genocide 8) Assault
2) Mass Murder 9) Battery
3) Torture 10) Fraud
4) Crimes Against Humanity 11) Malpractice
5) Feticide 12) Intentional Violation of Hippocratic and Geneva Oaths
6) Infanticide 13) Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
7) Mutilation


Xxxxxxxx is a board-certified physician sworn to the oath of his profession, yet an aborter of unborn human beings. He was chief of surgery at [State]'s largest abortion clinic, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx, in [City] for several years (see Document file, Exhibit 12). He later stepped down and opened a private practice abortuary, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx (see Document file, Exhibits 14-17), in [City] where he continued to perform abortions. During his time in [City], he was sued numerous times for malpractice (see Document file, Exhibits 72-95), including once where he left a surgical sponge inside a patient. In 1995, he moved to [State] where he began performing abortions at two Planned Parenthood locations (see Surveillance file, pages 327-734)--one in [City] and the other in [City]. Xxxxxxxx was arrested and charged with using Mace on picketers on a public sidewalk outside an abortuary (see Document file, Exhibit 186 and 187). Xxxxxxxx plead guilty to a violation and was given a small fine. He remains active in [State] politics having given $500 to the campaign for Senate of pro-abortion Democrat Xxx Xxxxx in 1996.


Spouse name: Xxxxxxxx X. DOB: Unk SS#: UnkAnniversary: Unk Children's names/ages: UnkVehicles: Xxxx, [State] Plate XXX 999
Other Property: Current owner of 9999 Xxxxx Rd. Xxxxxxxx XX 99999, Valuation $999,999 (see Documents file, Exhibits 28-33) Phones 999-999-9999 and FAX 999-999-9999
Other Info: [State] Driver license #9999999; While doing abortions in [City], he frequently flew to [City], XX to do abortions (see Document file, Exhibits 43-57).

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