F. S. Shurpin, "The Morning of Our Motherland"

Differing Versions

Copyright © 1998, 2002 by Hugo S. Cunningham

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This copy was scanned from a two-page spread in "Ogonyok," 1952 #46 (7 Nov), pp. 16-17. It differs significantly from an earlier version in "Ogonyok," 1949, #18, frontispiece:

version in #18, 1949 version in #46, 1952 (shown above)
blue, slate-like sky; some rough clouds to lower left luminescent, golden, air-brushed sky: gold-green at top, gradually shifting to gold-orange at bottom.
No saplings in front of fieldsaplings in front of field
2 automobiles on left have no detail Automobiles on left have some detail
6 clearly-defined electric transmission towers 5 more distant towers, less sharply defined
Red factory building in right background Vague buildings; also smokestack in right background

We may try to present the slaty 1949 version as well, but there is a large crease in the 1949 volume of "Ogonyok" we have access to, making scanning difficult.

In summary, the slate-colored 1949 version may have been more suggestive of activity, while luminescence of the 1952 version emphasized the radiant socialist future of the Motherland.
We are not sure how many versions of his own work Shurpin did, and how many were modified by publishers and printers.

Matthew Cullerne Bown (Art Under Stalin, Holmes & Meyer, New York, 1991) reprinted a version with a more impressionist sky, dappled with cheery blue, greenish, and purplish spots.

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