Author unknown, "The Orphan's Begging Song"

Copyright © 1998 by Hugo S. Cunningham

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MIDI renditions by Comrade P.K. Volkov of VOkSovProlKompMuz.
The words and score are from "Pesennik," Izdanie Yunosheskogo Otdela Russkogo Studencheskogo Xristianskogo Dvizheniya, Paris; p. 7.

Replay unaccompanied clarinet.

Replay piano, with piano accompaniment.

This song was often sung by homeless orphans after the devastating "War Communism" famine of 1919-1921, and the "Collectivization" famine of 1932-1933.

The Great Leader and Teacher must have loved orphans. Otherwise, why would he have created so many of them?

Ob"yasnenie latinskoj azbuki vospolzuemoj zdes'
Explanation of Russian transcription used here

Besprizornik The homeless orphan
Kompozitor-- neizvestnyjAuthor-- unknown
1. 1.
Pozabyt, pozabroshen, Forgotten and abandoned
S molodyx rannix let, From my earliest young years,
Xor (dvazhdy povtoryaetsya): Chorus (repeated twice):
    Ya ostalsya sirotoyu,
    I was left an orphan,
    S-chast'ya v zhizni mne net!
    In my life there is no happiness!
2. 2.
Ax, umru ya, umru ya, Oh, I'll die, I'll die,
Poxoronyat menya, I'll be buried,
Xor (2 x): Chorus (2 x):
    I nikto ne uznayet
    And no one will know
    Gde mogilka moya!
    Where my grave is!
3. 3.
I nikto ne uznaet, And no one will know,
I nikto ne pridet, And no one will come,
Xor (2 x): Chorus (2 x):
    Tol'ko ranneyu vesnoyu
    Except early in the spring
    Solovej propoet!
    A nightingale will sing!

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