Study as Lenin Studied!

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The following story appears as an English-language reading lesson in
E. Belova and L. Todd,English: A Textbook of the English Language for the 7th Grade in 7-year and Secondary Schools (third edition)State Textbook and Pedagogical Publishers of the Ministry of Education of the RSFSR, Moscow, 1952; pp. 7-8.


All people who go to the city of Kazan like to see the places in that city where Vladimir Ilyich Lenin once lived. Vladimir Ilyich was a student of the University of Kazan, and one of the houses in which he lived is now a museum. It is a small wooden house with tall trees round it.

Vladimir Ilyich's room is very interesting. Everything there is quite simple. A table stands at the window. There is a kerosene lamp on it, a glass ink-pot and a pen. Lenin studied in this room during the long winter evenings. Here he studied the works of Marx and Engels. Here he read, he wrote, he studeied foreign languages, he made translations.

In Kazan at that time there were some revolutionary circles. Vladimir Ilyich was a member of one of these circles and took an active part in its work.

Vladimir Ilyich like to study and gave much time to his studies. He was exact in everything that he did. He made notes of everything that he read. He planned his work very carefully. He always began to study at the same time and he stopped at the same time. He knew exactly how much he could do in one day and never left today's work for tomorrow.

Let us study as Lenin studied!

Stalin said: "Remember, love and study Lenin."

Ob"yasnenie russkoj azbuki vospolzuemoj zdes'
Pomnite, lyubite, nauchajte Il'icha, nashego uchitelya, nashego vozhdya. Remember, love and study Lenin, our teacher and leader.
Borites' i pobezhdajte vragov, vnutrennix i vneshnix -- po Il'ichu. Fight and vanquish the enemies, internal and foreign -- as Lenin taught us.
Strojte novuyu zhizn', novyj byt, novuyu kulturu -- po Il'ichu. Build the new life, the new existence, the new culture -- as Lenin taught us.
Nikogda ne otkazyvajtes' ot malogo v rabote, ibo iz malogo stroitsya velikoe -- v e^tom odin iz vazhnejshix zavetov Il'icha. Never refuse to do the little things, for from little things are built the big things -- this is one of Lenin's important behests.
--I. Stalin --J. Stalin

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