Our Country, the USSR

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The following appears as an English-language reading lesson in
E. Belova and L. Todd,English: A Textbook of the English Language for the 7th Grade in 7-year and Secondary Schools (third edition)State Textbook and Pedagogical Publishers of the Ministry of Education of the RSFSR, Moscow, 1952; pp. 30-31.


We love our country the first Socialist country in the world. We love its great plains, forests, and mountains, its lakes and seas, its rivers, large and small, its collective farms, its towns and cities. We love our beautiful Moscow, the capital of the USSR.

Our country is one great family of Soviet peoples, which are free from exploiters -- from capitalists and land-owners. This great family of free Soviet peoples is building a new life, is building Communism.

Millions of Soviet men and women are working from day to day on the earth and in the earth, on the seas and rivers, under the water and in the air, in the hot South and in the cold North. They are all working together to make our life still better. They are all building Communism.

In the first ranks of this great army of Soviet people are the members of our Communist Party, the Bolsheviks, and our Young Communist League. The Y.C.L. helps the Party in all its work. The great leader of the Communist Party and all the working people is Comrade Stalin.

In our country there is one great plan. According to this plan our people build hundreds of new factories, bring electric light to the villages, change the course of rivers, join one sea to another, make trees grow in the hot dry deserts, and make corn grow in the cold North.

In all this work lies the care and thought of Comrade Stalin, who is leading our country forward to Communism.

envy me,
elect of men!
I am
a Soviet
--V. Mayakovsky

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