CRIMINAL CODE OF THE RSFSR (1950) -- Table of Contents

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Note: the table of contents to the 1934 version actually provides links to some of the text in the "General Part" and the "Specific Part," eg Article 58.

Russkij tekst (original Russian text).



Official text
with changes as of 1 July
and the addition
of materials
systematized by article



General Part

Section 1. On the tasks of criminal legislation in the RSFSR13
Section 2. Limits of applicability of the Criminal Code2-53
Section 3. Common origins of the criminal-justice policy of the RSFSR6-194
Section 4. On measures of social defense, applied according to the Criminal Code in relation to those committing crimes20-448
Section 5. On the procedure for applying measures of social defense of a judicial and corrective character 45-5228
Section 6. On conditional judgement [probation and parole] 53-5732

Specific Part

Chapter I. Crimes against the state 35
    1. Counterrevolutionary crimes
    2. Crimes, especially dangerous toward the Union of S.S.R., against the order of government
Chapter II. Other crimes against the order of government 60-108152
Chapter III. Civil-service crimes 109-12181
Chapter IV. Violation of the rules of separation of church and state 122-12788
Chapter V. Economic crimes 128-13590
Chapter VI. Crimes against life, health, freedom, and individual dignity 136-16196
Chapter VII. Property crimes 162-178105
Chapter VIII. Violation of rules preserving public health, social safety, and order113
Chapter IX. Military crimes 1931-19331119
Chapter X. Crimes, being survivals of patrimonial society 194-205136

[Decrees, Orders, etc.]

On the abolition of the death penalty 140
On the application of the death penalty against traitors to the motherland, spies, and subversive saboteurs 141
On criminal responsibility for embezzlement of state and social property 142
On strengthening the preservation of individual property of citizens 144
On responsibility for disclosing state secrets and for loss of documents containing a state secret. 149
On drawing up lists of information, consisting of state secrets, whose disclosure Is punishable by law. 152
On criminal responsibility for preparation and sale of home-brew. 155
On the outlawing of government officials, citizens of the USSR abroad, who have deserted to the camp of enemies of the working class and peasantry, and who refuse to return to the USSR. 156
On the transfer to the eight-hour working day, to the seven-day working week, and on the prohibition of quitting by laborers and office-workers from factories and institutions. 157
On the responsibility of students at vocational and railroad institutes and FZO(?) schools for violating discipline and for quitting institutes (schools) 164
On the prohibition of sale, exchange, or release of equipment and materials, and of accountability in court for these illegal actions. 164
On criminal responsibility for unauthorized travel on freight trains and for unauthorized and unnecessary stopping of a train with emergency brakes. 166
On responsibility for unlawful awarding of orders and medals of the USSR and decorations, for taking orders, medals and decorations, and transferring them from decorated persons to other persons. 167
On the strengthening of criminal responsibility for rape. 168

Materials [sorted by] article 169
Alphabetical index by subject 209

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