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[World-Wide] Web Pravda -- 20 Jan 2001

Organ Central'nogo Komiteta Partii Kiberneticheskogo Soyuza SSR -- Gazeta vyxodit vremya ot vremeni

Cyber USSR announces "Victory Medal" to Gen. McCaffrey

The Cyber-USSR today announced the earning of the "Order of Victory" by General Barry McCaffrey (USA illegal-drug policy coordinator, aka "Drug Czar"), for outstanding services to the cause of international Socialism in Colombia and neighboring regions.

The Order of Victory is used to distinguish the highest-ranking soldier for carrying out military operations on one or more fronts (theatres), resulting in a fundamental change of the situation in favor of the Soviet Union. [Note: in the temporary absence of the Soviet Union, we read "International Socialism."]
A description of the Order of Victory can be found at this URL:
(Since the earthly USSR is under occupation by capitalist stooges and hyenas, the Cyber-USSR can only announce the award provisionally, until a restored USSR is able to make good on it.)

Comrade McCaffrey earned recognition for his ingenious logistical support of national-liberation movements in Colombia. At a time when progressive forces were cut off from supplies and hope throughout Latin America, he recognized the potentiality of US Drug Prohibition. Due in part to his initiative, billions of dollars in super-profits from the US black market each year support progressive movements and socially-friendly strata of the population. His efforts have been especially fruitful in Colombia, but show increasing promise in neighboring countries as well.

By a pleasing irony, Comrade McCaffrey's clever policy is enthusiastically supported by many of the most reactionary figures in US politics.

Resolution of the Central Executive Committee of the Cyber-USSR.

The Central Executive Committee of the Cyber-USSR resolves:

For fundamentally transforming the situation in Colombia and neighboring regions in favor of international socialism, to award Comrade B. MCCAFFREY the ORDER OF VICTORY.

Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Cyber-USSR

Secretary of the Central Executive Committee of the Cyber-USSR
20 January, 2001

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