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[World-Wide] Web Pravda -- 1 December 2000

Organ Central'nogo Komiteta Partii Kiberneticheskogo Soyuza SSR -- Gazeta vyxodit vremya ot vremeni

Don't blame Comrade Stalin for capitalist buffoonery

In the wake of the 7 Nov 2000 so-called election in the USA, we have repeatedly seen the above quote, purportedly from the Great Leader and Teacher, supposedly endorsing one capitalist thief or the other.

In reality, the Great Leader and Teacher would disdain even to take notice of this farce, let alone provide sound-bites to hacks.

--N.I. Yezhov
Party Control Commission
The Cyber-USSR

Minor editing changes were made from this Usenet posting:
From: (N.I. Yezhov)
Subject: Don't blame Comrade Stalin for capitalist buffoonery [Was: Gore, I mean Stalin, on vote recounts
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 03:10:28 GMT
Organization: The People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs
Lines: 26
Message-ID: 8vs7h4$

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