ADG Meeting topics, 1987-1990

Source: a leaflet handed out in the mid 1990s

first posted 2007/1003
last updated: 2007/1003

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The Atheist Discussion Group

of Greater Boston

Discussion Topics

Mar 21, 1987Founding Meeting
Apr 12, 1987The Atheist Movement
May 17, 1987Atheist Humor
Jun 22, 1987A Critique of Creationism
Jul 27. 1987A Critique of the Proofs of God's Existence
Aug 18, 1987Comparative Atheism
Sep 22, 1987Atheism and the Big Bang
Oct 27, 1987Disproofs of God's Existence
Nov 24. 1987Objectivist Atheism
Dec 22, 1987Aggressive Materialist Atheism
Jan 25, 1988Humanist Atheism
Feb 22, 1988The Biblical Sanctioning of Slavery
Mar 28, 1988A Critique of the Cults
Apr 25, 1988Religion and Intellectual Child Abuse
May 23, 1988Atheism, Philosophy and Politics
Jun 20, 1988A Critique of Faith Healing
Jul 24, 1988Canoe and Picnic Outing
Aug 29, 1988Atheism and Pluralism
Sep 26, 1988The Historicity of Jesus
Oct 24, 1988The Quantum Origin of the Universe
Nov 21, 1988A Critique of Baha'ism
Dec 19, 1988Biblical Scholarship Today
Jan 23, 1989Euthanasia
Feb 27, 1989A Critique of the Free Will Defense
Mar 27, 1989Humanistic Judaism
Apr 24, 1989A Critique of the Design Argument
May 22, 1989A Critique of Satanism
Jun 19, 1989Atheism, Determinism, and Free Will
Jul 23, 1989Canoe and Picnic Outing
Aug 28, 1989An Atheist on TV
Sep 18, 1989A Critique of Josh McDowell
Oct 16, 1989Death by Religious Exemption
Nov 6, 1989Democratic Secular Humanism
Dec 4. 1989Fascism and the Roman Catholic Church
Jan 8. 1990Atheism and Alternatives to Free Will
Feb 5, 1990Altruism versus Egoism
Mar 5, 1990The Anthropic Cosmological Principle
Apr 2, 1990The Challenge of Liberal Religion
May 7, 1990The Incarnation
Jun 4, 1990Nihilism and Atheism
Jul 2. 1990Psychodynamics of Conversion
Aug 5, 1990Canoe and Picnic Outing

1990-91 pamphlet about ADG

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