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Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov
[surname properly transcribed "Ezhov"; rhymes with "He's OFF!", except that "zh" is pronounced like English "s" in "measure."]
Head of the NKVD (Soviet secret police), 1936-38
(during Stalin's Great Purge)

The E-mail return address occasionally seen in flame groups,
is inactive, a counterintelligence blind. Messages might get to N.I. Ezhov through the regular mail drop of the cyber-NKVD.

Scan courtesy of the Beverly Hills raiKom of the Aztlan (Mexican-American) Soviet Socialist Republic, who also provided information for expanding this page.

Recommended optional background music, "March of the Dzerzhinskians," by Muraveli and Vershinin, has been put in MIDI format by Comrade P.K. Volkov of VOkSovProlKompMuz. F.E. Dzerzhinsky was the founder of the CheKa, Soviet secret police, and continued to be honored by its successor organizations, eg the OGPU, NKVD, and KGB.
Play "Marsh Dzerzhintsev."
The words and musical score are available at this site.
Replay "Marsh Dzerzhintsev."
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Party members should "learn from Comrade Yezhov, as he has learned, and learns, from Comrade Stalin." --Anastas Mikoyan

"A firm and modest Party worker" --V.M. Molotov

Biographical information about N.I. Yezhov:

Praise by the Soviet people and other progressives for Narkom Yezhov
    A friendly (or else!) cartoon by Boris Efimov

    An ode by Dzhambul, bard of Kazakhstan

    "Kirov"-- a screenplay by Oliver Stonesky (not to be confused with "JFK" director Oliver Stone). How N.I. Yezhov saved the Soviet people from catastrophe!

N.I. Yezhov's workplace
    N.I. Yezhov's appointment as People's Commissar of Internal Affairs, 26 Sept 1936.

    Some general information about the NKVD

The Great Leader and Teacher I.V. Stalin (5 minutes of stormy applause) explains the need for "Liquidating Trotskyites"

Some professional achievements of N.I. Ezhov:

    "The Case of the Trotskyite-Zinovievite Terrorist Centre", the Moscow trials official court proceedings, August 19-24, 1936.
    Although People's Prosecutor A.Ya. Vyshinsky played the most visible role at this trial, his success depended on diligent investigations by N.I. Yezhov.

    N. I. Bukharin's last plea before the Supreme Court, Moscow, March 12, 1938, verbatim from the court proceedings published by the People's Commissariat of Justice
    The great moral authority of N.I. Yezhov helped bring even this blood-soaked enemy of the Soviet people to acknowledge and repent of his crimes.

    A slanderous bourgeois view of Socialist justice

Description of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR (1934 version), used by N.I. Yezhov to prosecute "enemies of the people" (1936-39).
    Text of Section 58 ("Counterrevolutionary Crimes") of the 1934 Criminal Code,
    in English and Russian.

    Modernization of Section 58 for Usenet purposes, to "prosecute" spammers, vacuum-skulls, bores, and other enemies of the people with appropriately florid and hysterical language. (not available; still under consideration)

    Directory of legal codes available (in part) at this site.

Rhetoric for denouncing enemies of the people,
in English and Russian

Make your own denunciation here!


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