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///Summary of headings
59-1: Significance of Article 59-- dangerous crimes without counterrevolutionary purposes
59-2: mass disorders
59-3: banditism
59-3a: theft of firearms
59-3b: damaging communications routes
59-3v: violation of labor discipline by transport workers
59-4: avoidance of military service
59-5: avoidance of non-combat support
59-6: avoidance of taxes etc., in wartime
59-7: provoking national hatred
59-8: counterfeiting of treasury notes, etc.
59-9: smuggling
59-10: abetting the crossing of national frontiers
59-11: violating the [state] monopoly on foreign trade
59-12: violating the rules on foreign-exhange transactions
59-13: failure to denounce a crime



State Crimes

2. Crimes against the order of government, especially dangerous for the Union of SSR.

59-1. Any action is considered a crime against the order of administration which, not being directly intended to overthrow Soviet authority and the worker-peasant government, nevertheless leads to violation of proper functioning of the organs of administration or the economy, and is linked with resistance to the organs of authority, with disobedience to the laws, or with other activities, weakening the power and authority of the state.

Crimes against the order of administration, especially dangerous for the Union of SSR, denote those crimes against the order of administration, made without counterrevolutionary purposes, which disturb the foundations of state administration and the economic power of the Union of SSR and union republics. [6 June 1927 (SU No 49, art. 330)].

59-2. Mass disorders, accompanied by pogroms, destruction of rail lines or other means of commerce and communication, murders, arson, and similar activities, shall incur:

59-3. Banditism, i.e. the organization of armed bands and participation in them and in assaults organized by them on Soviet and private institutions or private citizens, train stations and the destruction of railroads and other means of commerce and communication, shall incur --

59-3a. Secret or open seizure of firearms, parts of them, and ammunition:

59-4. Evasion of normal summons to active military service shall incur --

Evasion of normal summons to active military service under aggravated circumstances, for example by causing oneself physical injury, simulated illness, falsified documents, bribery of an official, etc., or under a pretended religious conviction, shall incur --

59-5. Refusal of persons, enrolled in rear support, and persons, excused from military service for religious convictions, from a summons in time of war to units of rear support and labor units shall be punishable by-- 59-6. Refusal or avoidance in time of war of the assessment of taxes or from the fulfilment of obligations (in particular military auto-, military horse-, military wagon-, and military water-transport) shall be punishable by-- 59-7. Propaganda or agitation, directed toward arousing national or religious enmity or discord, or likewise the dissemination or preparation and storage of literature of the same character, shall be punishable by-- The same activity in time of war, or during mass disorders shall be punishable by --

59-8. Counterfeiting, or commercial sale of counterfeit metal coins, state treasury notes, notes of the State Bank of the USSR, valuable state papers, and likewise the counterfeiting or commercial sale of counterfeit foreign currency shall be punishable by --

Commercial counterfeiting of checks, documents for monetary deposits, and deposits of valuable papers, and likewise of certificates for monetary credit shall be punishable by-- Counterfeiting or commercial sale of postage stamps, tickets for train and water transport, and other documents for transportation of persons or good shall be punishable by--

59-9. Professional smuggling shall be punishable by-- 59-10. Aiding the illegal crossing of state frontiers, if done commercially, or by responsible officials, shall be punishable by-- 59-11. Violation of the status of monopoly for foreign trade shall be punishable by-- 59-12. Violation of the rules for foreign currency operations shall be punishable by-- 59-13. Failure to denounce reliably known, in preparation or already completed, crimes indicated in articles 59-2, 59-3 and 59-8 of this code, shall be punishable by--
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