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Russkij tekst (original Russian text).

Criminal Code of the RSFSR

with changes
up to 1 October 1934


Crimes, being holdovers from patriarchal society.

194. Receiving property compensation, paid by a killer, his relatives, clansmen, or clan to parents, clansmen, or the clan of the person killed, as redemption, freeing from vengeance or legal prosecution, shall be punishable by --
195. Refusal of members of the clan of a person killed, from reconciliation with the killer and his clan in a manner established by local regulation or a peace settlement, or likewise hindering a reconciliation --
196. Payment of bride-price ("kalyma" -- a non-Russian term) by the bridegroom, his parents, kinsmen, or in-laws to the parents, kinsmen, or in-laws of the bride, with money, livestock, or other property, or personal labor [?] --
* 197. Compelling a woman to enter into a marriage or intor continuation of marital cohabitation, or likewise kidnaping her for entry into marriage--
198. Entering into marriage with a person who has not reached the age of marriage --
Entering into marriage with a person who has not reached sexual maturity, or compelling to enter into such a marriage--
199. Bigamy or polygamy--
200. The arbitrary seizure of livestock or other property ("baranta" -- a non-Russian word), without taking possession of it, solely for the purpose of coercing the victim or his kinsmen to give satisfaction for an insult or to compensate for a property loss [they] caused--
The same action in the presence of firearms--
The same action, carried out by a group of armed kinsmen, in relation to the organizers, inciters, and leaders--
For other participants--
201. Assault on a person, family, clan, or tribe, on dwellings or places of habitation, organized with the participation of a large number of kinsmen or tribesmen, for clan or tribal hostility, with respect to the organizers and leaders--
202. Violence, caused to someone at the time of a disturbance (Arts. 200 and 201): homicide, bodily injury, assault, etc. shall be punishable as the same crimes to which the violence corresponds..

203. Assumption of judicial powers by issuing decisions according to the custom of the aboriginal population ("adat" [a non-Russian word], and suchlike), and violation of the principles of Soviet law using the dependence of the [two] sides, flowing from relationships in patriarchal life--

204. Compulsory assessment of taxes for popular religious goals, with open use of the dependency of the payers, flowing from relationships in patriarchal life,--
205. The effect of this chapter shall extend to those autonomous republics, autonomous provinces and other locations in the RSFSR, where socially-dangerous activities, enumerated in Chapter 10, among nationalities living in the given territory, are survivals of patriarchal society..

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