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Russkij tekst (original Russian text).

Oglavlenie (table of contents)

stat'ya (article #)predmetsubject
141sodejstvie k samoubijstvuencouraging suicide
142-146telesnoe povrezhdenieassault and injury
147-149lishenie svobody; poxishcheniekidnaping and unlawful detention
polovye prestupleniya
    zarazhenie venericheskoj bolezn'yu
    razvrashchenie maloletnix
sexual crimes
    exposure to venereal disease
    corruption of minors
    male homosexuality
    recruiting to prostitution
156-158ostavlenie bez pomoshchifailure to offer assistance
159-161oskorblenie i klevetainsults and slander


with changes
as of 1 October 1934



Crimes against life, health, freedom, and the dignity of the individual

* 136. Intentional homicide, carried out: a) from greed, jealousy (if it does not fit the conditions of Article 138), and other base motives; b) by a person, engaged earlier in intentional homicide or bodily injury and having served a term of imprisonment ("measure of social defense") set by a court; v) by a means, dangerous to the life of many other people or especially cruel to the victim; g) with the purpose of ameliorating or hiding another serious crime; d) by a person, obligated to take special care of the victim; or e) by exploiting the helpless condition of the victim, shall be punishable by--

Homicide, carried out by a member of the military, under especially aggravating circumstances --

137. Intentional homicide, not carried out under circumstances indicated in article 136, --

138. Intentional homicide, carried out in a state of suddenly arising, strong emotion, provoked by force or severe insult on the part of the deceased,--

139. Homicide due to negligence, or likewise homicide, being the result of exceeding the limits of necessary defense,

* 140. Performance of an abortion with the mother's consent by persons not having the appropriate medical training for it, or, even if trained, in unsanitary conditions,--
If these acts took place in conditions, indicated in the first part of this article, in the form of a business, or without the consent of the mother, or had as a consequence her death, --
[The preceding text of Article 140 was rescinded on 10 May 1937. The following replacement text for Article 140 became valid on 10 May 1937.]
141. Bringing a person, being in material or other dependency on another person, by cruel treatment by the latter or any similar means, to suicide or attempted suicide --
Assisting or instigating to suicide a minor or a person, known to be incapable of understanding the nature or meaning of his acts, or leading by one's actions, if suicide or an attempt at it results, --
* 142. Intentional severe bodily injury, entailing loss of sight, hearing, or some other such organ, repellant disfigurement of the face, mental illness, or some other health disorder, linked with significant loss of ability to work, --
If death follows from such injury, or if it is perpetrated by means, bearing the character of suffering or torment, or was the consequence of causing systematic, even if light, injuries, --
[[[Editor's note -- Far more severe penalties are imposed on those who attack government officials ("Counterrevolutionary terrorism" --
Article 58-8)]]]

* 143. Intentional bodily injury, not dangerous to life, but causing health disorder, --

Intentional light bodily injury, not causing health disorder, --
144. Bodily injury, coming under the conditions of part 1 art. 143, made under the influence of suddenly arising strong passion, aroused by force against the perpetrator or severe insult by the victim,--
Cooperation or urging to suicide of a minor, or person known unable to understand the nature and meaning of what he does or to control his actions, if suicide or an attempt at it results, --
145. Negligent bodily injury, if it is the consequence of intentional disregard of safety rules, established by law or instructions of authority, [and] brings consequences indicated in article 142 and part 1 of article 143, --
Negligent bodily injury, not bearing severe consequences, --
146. Intentional infliction of blows, beating and other forcible acts, linked with the causing of physical pain, --
If these acts bear the character of torment, --
147. Forcibly and illegally depriving someone of liberty, --
Deprivation of liberty by a means, dangerous to the life or health of the victim or accompanied by the causation to him of physical suffering, --
148. Placing of a person known to be healthy in a mental hospital for personal gain or other private purposes --
149. Kidnaping, concealment, or switching of someone else's child for gain, vengeance, or other personal motives, --
* 150. Infection of another person with a sexually-transmitted disease, by a person knowing themselves to be infected with this disease,--
Knowingly placing another person through sexual relations or other acts in danger of infection with a sexually-transmitted disease--
* 151. Sexual relations with persons not having attained sexual maturity, linked with corruption or satisfaction of sexual urges in perverted forms--
Sexual relations with persons, not having attained sexual maturity, perpetrated without the indicated aggravating circumstances, --
152. Corruption of the young or of minors, done through depraved acts in their relation--
* 153. Sexual relations with the application of physical force, threat, fear, or with the use, through deception, of the helpless condition of the victim (rape)--
If the rape has as its consequence the suicide of the victim or was perpetrated on a person, not having attained sexual maturity, or, on a person of mature years, [by? several persons] [po neskol'kimi licami], --
154. Compelling a woman to enter into a sexual relationship or the satisfaction of a sexual desire in another form by a person, on whom the woman is materially dependent, or subordinate at work--
154-a. Sexual relations of a man with a man (pederasty)--
Pederasty, done with the employment of force or use of the dependent situation of the victim, --
* 155. Compelling to engage in prostitution, solicitation, maintaining dens of debauchery, or likewise recruiting of women for prostitution--
* 156. Knowingly leaving a person without assistance, [that person] being in a situation dangerous for life, deprived of the possibility of self-preservation due to youth, decrepitude, illness, or in general because of his helplessness, in situations where the one leaving without assistance had a duty to be concerned about the one left and had the ability to render assistance--
1561. Failure by the captain of a ship to render assistance to people perishing at sea or on another waterway, if that help could have been rendered without serious danger to the ship, crew, and passengers--
* 157. Failure to render assistance to a sick person without good cause, on the part of a person, obliged to render assistance by law or by special regulation--
Refusal of a person, keeping a medical practice, to render medical assistance, if knowing such [refusal] could have dangerous consequences for the ill person, --
* 158. Malicious refusal to pay means set by a court for child support, despite having the ability to do so--
Leaving, by parents, of young children without any support, or likewise compelling children to take up begging, --
159. Insult, made to someone verbally or in writing--
Insult, made to someone by an action, --
160. Insult, made in distributed or publicly-displayed press productions or images, --
161. Slander, i.e. the spreading of inventions, known to be false, defaming another person--
Slander in printed or other means of mass communication --
[end of chapter six]

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