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Russkij tekst (original Russian text).


with changes
as of 1 October, 1934


Violation of rules about the separation of church and state

122. The teaching of religious belief to the young or to minors in state or private learning institutions and schools, or with the violation of rules established for it shall be punishable by --
123. Carrying out deceitful acts for the purpose of arousing superstition in the masses of the population, in order to extract some advantage by that means -- 124. Compulsory collection of a tax on behalf of church or religious groups -- 125. Misappropriation by religious or church organizations of administrative, court, or other public/legal functions and rights of judicial personnel -- 126. Performing religious rites in state and community establishments and enterprises, and likewise placing any sort of religious image in such establishments and enterprises -- 127. Blocking the performance of religious rites, to the extent they do not violate public order and are not accompanied by encroachments on the rights of citizens, --
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