Killer-Doctors: a Progressive View from Germany?

Copyright © 1999, 2011 by Hugo S. Cunningham.

Cartoon copyright © 1999 by Randall Bytwerk.

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Title: Immunization
Caption: "Es ist mir sonderbar zu Mut, denn Gift und Jud tut selten gut."
RB's translation: "It occurs to me that little good comes from poison or from Jews."
Der Stürmer, February 1932 (Issue #6).

This cartoon came from a source the Cyber-USSR would normally disapprove of, a German fascist propaganda site at

particularly from a page of
caricatures from Julius Streicher's Der Stürmer: 1928-1932

Indeed, this site includes some outrageous anti-Soviet propaganda at in blatant violation of Article 58-10 of the RSFSR Criminal Code. Though even that site has its use, proving beyond a reasonable doubt the fascist inspiration of anti-Soviet propagandists like R. Conquest.

The agent responsible, R. Bytwerk, has already been reported to the Competent Organs.

Nevertheless, occasional worthwhile items can sometimes be found even in a garbage dump. Here for example, the propagandist J. Streicher shows a prescient vigilance about "killers in white coats." Some have speculated that J. Streicher's distrust of doctors derived from an adverse reaction to a hydrophobia vaccination. But only a few years later, such characters would poison A.A. Zhdanov and plot against the Great Leader and Teacher!

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13 Jan 1953: "Pravda" reports the arrest of the killer-doctors

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