Kalendar' «Strana Socializma» 1941, Oglavlenie

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Ob"yasnenie latinskoj azbuki vospolzuemoj zdes'
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Editorial notes

Some of our popular-fronters grumble that the selection of anniversaries is "boring" and "provincial" (! -- the proper term is "patriotic"). Foreign events are totally excluded, except the birth and death of Marx and Engels. Even if foreign political events (even revolutionary ones?) are taboo, surely some artistic and scientific items might be of interest? Even the Motherland's history before 1917 gets extremely short shrift, apart from birth and/or death dates of explorers (a fashionable group in the late 1930s), as well as of a handful of writers and scientists. Specific achievements of such people are never commemorated separately, and rarely described.

As for events of the 23-year Soviet period, we commemorate birth and/or deaths of Communist revolutionaries, military heroes, and current Politburo members (but not those unmasked as traitors). We also commemorate national republics, autonomous districts, etc., as well as at least one new factory, railroad, or canal in each part of the Union. We commemorate opening dates of Party Congresses and speeches by the Great Leader and Teacher, though usually without explaining their significance. Apart from birth dates, no personal information about political activists is given, not even of the Great Leader and Teacher. (The almanac does, however, included authorized biographies of Politburo members on separate pages.)

Our Partkom are rather disgusted at the grumblings of local popular-fronters, whom we suspect of preferring to read cheap romances.


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