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Bourgeois Cosmopolitanism and its reactionary role

by F. Chernov

Source: "Bol'shevik: Theoretical and Political Magazine of the Central Committee of the ACP(B), Issue #5, 15 March 1949, pp. 30-41.

Page and paragraphRemark
30 1 -- COSMOPOLITANISM infiltrates Soviet arts, sciences, history.
30-1 Anti-patriotic theatre critics denounced in "Pravda," "Kul'tura i Zhizn'"
30-4 Rootless cosmopolitian Subotskij denounced Soviet authors for highlighting national traits of heroes in fiction.
30-6 Rootless cosmopolitican YUzovskij mocked heroic capabilities of characters in Soviet fiction.
31-2 Typical virtues of the Great-Russian
31-3 Rootless Cosmopolitan Gurvich slanders Great-Russians
31-5 National nihilism -- contempt for national pride
Soviet culture -- national in form, socialist in character
31-6 Russian materialist philosophy
31-7 Z. Kamenskij discounts Russian materialist philsophy
31-8 Prof. B. Kedrov discounts Russian priority in scientific discovery
    Kedrov touts universal science.
32-5 I. Kryvelyov admires fascist German military doctrine.
32-6 Summary: bourgeois cosmopolitanism is anti-patriotism.
32 2 -- THE PARTY Counterattacks.
32-7 Soviet patriotism
33-1 threatened by imperialist exploitation of capitalist remnants in Soviet society.
33-5 Party leads struggle against capitalist influences
33-6 Decree on "Zvezda" and "Leningrad" magazines
33-7 Comrade G. F. Alexandrov's book on Western philosophy too servile to West.
32-7 Party denounces formalism in music, eg in G. Muradeli's opera "Great Friendship"
34-2 Michurinist triumph in biology over bourgeois genetics
34-3 Party promotes claims of fatherland's priority in scientific research.
34-5 (Introduction of term "bourgeois cosmopolitanism")
34 3 -- THE WORLDWIDE struggle against "cosmopolitan" imperialism.
34-7 Cosmopolitanism -- apathy toward fate of motherland; money-grubbing
35-2 Cosmopolitanism -- excuse for treason.
35-4 Lenin defends national self-determination against imperialism.
35-8 National self-determination -- defense of oppressed nations.
35-9 Ruling cliques betray nations to American imperialism.
35-11 Communist parties worldwide -- defenders of national independence.
36-2 cosmopolitanism -- ideology of aggressive imperialism.
36-4 American imperialism -- leading exponent of cosmopolitanism.
36-7 Right-wing socialists betray European countries to US imperialism.
36-8 "one-world government" -- a slogan coopted by imperialists.
37-3 Imperialist nationalists (Anglo-American) will drop cosmopolitan mask.
37-6 Lenin: Cosmopolitanism -- unity of capitalists against workers.
37-8 Post WW2 growth of Left and Soviet Union
38 4 -- SOVIET Patriotism -- a new and higher type.
38-2 Soviet patriotism -- antidote to cosmopolitanism.
38-4 Soviet Patriotism in WW2
38-5 laborers behind the lines also served honorably.
38-6 Traits of Soviet patriotism
development of society
brotherhood of peoples
awareness of superiority of Soviet society
blocking cringing and servility before West.
38-11 Soviet Patriotism -- unique new patriotism, fostered by socialism.
39-5 Stalin noted Russia could lead way over industrial West.
39-8 Lenin: defend socialism by defending fatherland.
39-9 Left Communists willing to lose socialist homeland.
39-10 Trotskyites slandered Russians as "nation of Oblomovs"
40-4 SP = internationalism, rejects prejudice.
40-6 Zhdanov: Internationalist must respect own people.

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