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Bill Palmer ( first made a name for himself in some of the Russian newsgroups for lengthy lampoons (Some were not bad, but didn't he have anything better to do?) and verbose self-righteousness. See Misha Verbitsky's Palmer archive for examples of the early Bill Palmer. What made Bill Palmer a truly distinguished Usenet kook was his belief that Igor Chudov created the newsgroup "alt.genius.bill-palmer" [hereafter a.g.b-p] in November 1996 as a compliment, rather than as irony. For about six months, Palmer valiantly stood his ground as the "focus person" of a.g.b-p, serving as an easy target for every flame-warrior-wannabe in Usenet.

In late summer of 1997, Palmer withdrew for a few weeks from a.g.b-p, sadder but perhaps wiser. More recently he has returned, but the histrionics are at a substantially lower level.

My "Troll" nomination for Igor Chudov

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Where are they now? A few veterans of the 1997 Palmer wars.

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