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Ob"yasnenie latinskoj azbuki vospolzuemoj zdes'

Cena 40 kop.Price 40 kopeks
MKRKP -- mozhet byt' «Moskovskogo Komiteta Rossijskoj Kommunisticheskoj Partii»
JOURNAL of the M.K.R.K.P.
MKRKP -- perhaps "of the Moscow Committee of the Russian Communist Party"
Ris. D. MoorCartoonist: D. Moor
SAVAOF: Tol'ko eshche vas, tovarishch Budda, ne pritaskivali. SABAOTH [Christian God-the-Father]: You're the only one, friend Buddha, that they [the editors of Bezbozhnik] haven't dragged in yet.
ALLAX: Xodi, veselej, pozhalujsta, xodi. ALLAH: Yes, go ahead, please.
Note: The following line did not reproduce well.
IEGOVA: A?? ????sha. No vse vam i imenu tvoemu. Pozhalujsta brit'sya.

The theme of this month's issue (and cover) is anti-Buddhism.

From left to right are the Christian God-the-father (His halo is inscribed "B(og)-(Ot)ec"; Buddha (with a halo labeled "Buddha"); Allah (with a halo labeled "Allah"), and the Jewish "Jehovah."

Soviet (anti-) religious scholars paid special attention to the three "World religions": Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. They paid far less attention to Hinduism, viewed as a localized ethnic religion of India (though Hinduism was attacked by India's home-grown atheists).

Buddhism was to be found among some ethnic groups of Siberia, notable the Buryat Mongols.

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