MA Board of Pardons recommends release of Gerald Amirault

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first posted y10707
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Fri 6 July 2001-- The MA Board of Pardons released a unanimous 5-0 recommendation, signed Tuesday 3 Jul, that Gerald Amirault be pardoned. The official grounds were that his 30-40 year sentence was grossly disproportionate to the eight years the prosecution had accepted for Cheryl Amirault LeFave on similar charges and evidence.

Two board members (Maureen E. Walsh and Chairman Michael Pomarole) limited their concurrence to the disproportionality argument, declining to challenge the "lawfulness" of Gerald's conviction.

A majority of three (John P. Kivlan, Daniel M. Dewey, and Robert Murphy) went on, however, to suggest the likelihood of a miscarriage of justice (the real reason why this notoriously tough law-and-order board took up this case):

Even if approved by Governor Swift and the Governor's Council, this pardon would not be a legal vindication; Gerald Amirault would remain under the disabilities of an ex-convict. But he would be released to live with his wife and children, find a job, and start to rebuild a life cut off 17 years ago by mass hysteria.

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