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Subject: Fidel says: lay off Bill Palmer!
From: (Ernesto Guevara)
Organization: Socialisto y Muerto
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 16:16:37 GMT

Che!  Fidel asked me to tell you cretins to lay off Bill Palmer!  So
what if he takes hundreds of lines to say absolutely nothing?  When
Fidel gives a speech 6 hours non-stop, everyone in Cuba wants to
listen!  The only exceptions are a few gusanos, maricones, and
black-marketeers.  So which are you?

--Ernesto Guevara

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Subject: Fidel shows Bill Palmer the way! [was: Bye-Bye Quack Mob... Welcome Prof. Bill Palmer!!!
From: (Ernesto Guevara)
Organization: Socialisto y Muerto
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 17:51:18 GMT (Igor Chudov @ home) wrote:

[earlier posting deleted]
>Prof. Palmer will always be welcome in his newsgroup alt.genius.bill-palmer.
>If not for his noted brilliance and eloquence, this group would never exist,
>you faceless lifeless censorous eunuchs.

As the bourgeois media themselves admit:

"Since the spring, Cuban exile groups in Miami and diplomats have been
speculating about the supposedly precarious state of Mr. Castro's
health. ...  But on Wednesday [8 Oct 97] morning, afternoon, and
evening, as if to answer his enemies, Mr. Castro answered the
international whispering campaign by delivering a 6-hour, 43-minute
extemporaneous opening speech to the [Cuban Communist Party's first
congress in six years]."  ["New York Times," Fri 10 Oct 97, p. A6]

Fidel wishes you well in your struggle, Bill!  May you overfulfill
your five-year-plan on postings many times over!

--Ernesto Guevara

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