excerpt from Richard Dawkins, "Religion's Unguided Missile"

first posted y11001
last updated: Y11103
Quoted text copyright 2001 by Richard Dawkins

"Could we get some otherwise normal humans and somehow persuade them that they are not going to die as a consequence of flying a plane smack into a skyscraper? If only! Nobody is that stupid, but how about this - it's a long shot, but it just might work. Given that they are certainly going to die, couldn't we sucker them into believing that they are going to come to life again afterwards? Don't be daft! No, listen, it might work. Offer them a fast track to a Great Oasis in the Sky, cooled by everlasting fountains. Harps and wings wouldn't appeal to the sort of young men we need, so tell them there's a special martyr's reward of 72 virgin brides, guaranteed eager and exclusive."

--Richard Dawkins, "Religion's misguided missiles,"
Saturday September 15, 2001
The Guardian

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